A Home For Grandma

The eventuality of life is that we and the ones that we love will all get old someday. Doc Brown is not going to show up in his DeLorean and whisk us back to 1955. If he were to show up, I think he’d be driving something more along the lines of a Tesla, but that’s beside the point. It is a simple fact of life that we age, and sometimes we have to move the ones we love into a senior living facility. GSX Ventures has built facilities in Maryland and Massachusetts where the experience is like going on vacation for the rest of your life.

Sage Life at Bay Village in Hudson, Massachusetts is the future of independent and assisted senior living. It will have 61 independent living rooms, and 86 assisted living rooms, all complete with the health care and memory care that your beloved family members require. Whether they need to downsize from their current home to something more appropriate, or if they have reached the point where they require round the clock assistance, Sage Life at Bay Village is going to be the clear choice.

GSX Ventures is committed to a level of excellence that is second to none, and Sage Life will exceed those standards that have been set by their facilities, like Spring Arbor in Severna Park, Maryland, which offers physical therapy, fitness centers, libraries, barber shops and beauty parlors. There are always several cafés and a beautiful courtyard with outdoor seating.

What sets GSX Venture’s assisted living projects apart from others is that all of the facilities they have built include extensive mental and memory health units. GSX Ventures knows the importance of designing senior living facilities that have all the necessary amenities necessary for the senior who is living an independent lifestyle all the way to the patients suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. No matter what level of care may be needed, GSX Ventures has designed properties that accommodate those needs.

GSX Ventures has been leading change in the development of senior housing. Since 1988 we have developed numerous projects across the country, partnering with local or regional management companies to ensure the project is leased and managed to provide positive service for residents.