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Taking care of our senior population is a rich and rewarding mission for any developer. Our focus at GSX Ventures is in the areas of assisted living and independent living. Our first assisted living project was developed in 1988 and since that time, we have developed numerous projects across the country, each time partnering with a local or regional successful management company to ensure the project is leased and managed in a fashioned that will make it the most successful and provide positive service for residents.

In Assisted Living, we are currently in the development in the number of new generation buildings targeting seniors in the upper income brackets whose lifestyles require a diversion of a number of options, both for activities, dining and entertainment. We’ve also found that our assisted living projects are best set close to retail locations to allow children of the elderly to visit with some regularity.
Independent Living Facilities are typically attached to our assisted living for seniors who do not require constant supervision but want to live collegially and share meals, get the benefits of cleaning services and activities that will keep them engaged. Typically our independent living facilities are attached to the Assisted but each has a separate entry and they share very few common elements. In both facilities there is an emphasis on Physical Therapy, Entertainment, crafts, and excellent food options. We believe that targeting an affluent client allows us to provide services that we feel are exemplary and allows us to hire and work with the best management companies and support personnel.

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Bay Village Assisted Living

The Bay Village Assisted Living Project is an 88-unit proposal, about 3.3 acres in size, on a 6.3-acre lot near the intersection of Bay Ridge and Edgewood roads. Of the 88 units, 72 will focus [...]