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Aging Population Offers Opportunities For The Senior Housing Industry

The number of Americans over the age of 65 is expected to soar to 79 million by the year 2035. The increasing number of the aging population in the U.S. has raised concern regarding the [...]

Selecting A Civil Engineer For Your Project

You will need to select a civil engineer to help you in planning, managing and developing your construction projects. Choosing the right candidate for this position is crucial because who you will work with will [...]

Demand For Student Housing To Stay Strong Over The Next Five Years

The student housing business is anticipated to stay strong for several more years. According to investors and developers of student housing properties, there is a heavy demand for more housing supply over the next five [...]

More apartments, retail space proposed for Albany

Two new apartment buildings and retail space for six tenants could be built soon in Albany. Maryland-based GSX Ventures wants to build a six-story, 206,756-square-foot apartment complex with 327 beds at 1211 Western Ave. near [...]