Can an Architect be a Good Developer?

On any given project, the architects generally only have their hands in the design part of the process. The role of the architect carries great responsibility, but because they are not the developers, contractors or subcontractors, the architect’s financial portion of the total project is generally very small. The financial compensation, or lack thereof, and the frustration of not having complete control over a development deal are two of the major reasons why many architects are getting more and more involved in the entire process.

GSX Ventures hires the best architects and developers available for all of their projects, and sometimes these roles can be one and the same. One of the things architects have going for them is that they have thorough knowledge about the process of designing and constructing buildings. With this knowledge comes the necessary experience that a developer needs to manage a project from construction to acquiring the necessary permits. Most architects have enough general and varied knowledge to make sure that a project is finished correctly, on schedule, and on budget. Another benefit that architects have is that all of their design and construction knowledge can often be converted into an increased market value for a project. Simply put, a building that is well-designed and well-built is going to be a more valuable property than one that has design and construction flaws.

Conversely, there are some skills that the average architect lacks that all good developers should have. Putting too much emphasis on the design aspect of a job, and not enough on the business side of things can be detrimental to the success of a project. It is very easy for someone to get laser focused on the aspects of a job that they are overly knowledgeable about, while letting other points fall to the wayside. A good developer also needs to have a full knowledge of real estate trends, and when is a good time to buy, sell, and develop a property. These skills are not taught when someone is trained as an architect.

Knowledge of all aspects of the construction process is essential for any good developer. Some architects can be great developers, while others may be lacking in certain areas. Regardless, when developing a project the professionals at GSX Ventures make sure to employ the best available, whether that be separate architects and developers or someone who excels at doing the entire job. For more information regarding GSX Ventures upcoming projects, please visit