Determining Product-Market Fit

When searching for serious capital investments, it’s important to understand whether a) the product fills a need, and b) if there is a market demand for the product. The best product, the most innovative, and ingenious will fail if there is no audience to buy it. What is product-market fit? It starts with the “why [...]

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Investing for the Greater Good

In 1969, John D. Rockefeller III defined venture philanthropy as, “An adventurous approach to funding unpopular social causes.” The concept of venture philanthropy has been around a long time and its goal is to improve social systems instead of individual organizations or projects. Most of the same venture capital principles are used when investing in [...]

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Student Housing: Mixed-use Spaces

For the last ten years, universities have been changing the way they think about student housing. More colleges are revamping the traditional student dorm into new structures that combine live and learn space in the same building. Today’s Generation Z students are driving the change. They are accustomed to having their own rooms, technology-based lifestyles, [...]

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What Makes A Great On-Site Property Manager

Never underestimate the far-reaching impact an on-site property manager has on your business. In addition to managing the day-to-day tasks, they will be your brand ambassador, PR person, sales person, and mediator. Professionalism is the order of the day for all interactions with others. Communication The number one skill a property manager needs is the [...]

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Civil Engineers Build The World

On many levels, civil engineers are designers and visionaries. They need to consider current needs but also anticipate growth and change. They’re responsible for constructing almost every kind of infrastructure, much that we take for granted. Highways, roads, bridges, airports, tunnels, and dams are all designed and constructed by civil engineers. What makes a good [...]

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Reaching Consensus in a Diverse World

Even the best of friends and the closest of business partners have a conflict at some point. Managers and supervisors spend 10-20 percent of their time resolving, investigating, or negotiating conflicts between their own employees. When consensus is needed between several decision-makers, coming to a consensus can seem impossible. Don’t give up! There are specific [...]

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Finding An Attorney In The Zone

When it comes to specialized legal requirements, it pays to hire an experienced attorney who has the expertise you need. Zoning is an area of law that involves numerous parties such as municipal governments, committees, builders, etc. A zoning attorney will also be up-to-date on the latest changes to zoning in the area. First, what [...]

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Shifting Housing Trends Appeal To Venture Capital Firms

Real estate has long been a solid investment for venture capital firms, but changes in lifestyle trends have opened a whole new opportunity for growth and development. Many of these changes are being driven by Millenials, who are more focused on experiences such as global travel, than on acquiring material things. Advances in digital technology [...]

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Artificial Intelligence’s Benefits to Venture Capital Firms

Advances in  have found an application in the decision-making process of venture capital firms. VC firms look through thousands of startup proposals every year, and only a small percentage of the proposals reviewed get the green light. AI can help venture capital firms improve their analysis of these startups, and makes it easier for firms [...]

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