Student Housing: Mixed-use Spaces

For the last ten years, universities have been changing the way they think about student housing. More colleges are revamping the traditional student dorm into new structures that combine live and learn space in the same building. Today’s Generation Z students are driving the change. They are accustomed to having their own rooms, technology-based lifestyles, [...]

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Civil Engineers Build The World

On many levels, civil engineers are designers and visionaries. They need to consider current needs but also anticipate growth and change. They’re responsible for constructing almost every kind of infrastructure, much that we take for granted. Highways, roads, bridges, airports, tunnels, and dams are all designed and constructed by civil engineers. What makes a good [...]

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Shifting Housing Trends Appeal To Venture Capital Firms

Real estate has long been a solid investment for venture capital firms, but changes in lifestyle trends have opened a whole new opportunity for growth and development. Many of these changes are being driven by Millenials, who are more focused on experiences such as global travel, than on acquiring material things. Advances in digital technology [...]

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Industrial Sector Leading Trend for Commercial Real Estate

While the economy continues to enjoy a near record-breaking expansion, not all commercial real estate sectors are reaping the benefits. The industrial sector continues to be the bright spot in the commercial industry. Ironically, a significant factor in its growth is due to the demand for more distribution centers for retailers shifting their focus from [...]

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Converted Office Space Tackles Two Growing Problems

Cities across the country are strapped with empty office space that depletes tax revenue for maintenance and upkeep. Empty buildings are magnets for vandalism, pseudo homeless shelters, and invite less than desirable and unofficial tenants to take up residence. The gaping, empty buildings also negatively affect neighborhood vitality and decrease the area's property values. But [...]

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Universities Working With Private Developers To Build Student Housing

Universities increasingly turn towards the private sector and public-private partnerships to meet student housing needs. Partnerships vary in approach depending on the educational system, as well as the development partner that the college brings in. In the case of Drexel University and American Campus Communities (ACC), the latter occupies university-owned property via a ground lease. [...]

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Demand For Student Housing To Stay Strong Over The Next Five Years

The student housing business is anticipated to stay strong for several more years. According to investors and developers of student housing properties, there is a heavy demand for more housing supply over the next five to 10 years. Opportunity To Tap Into A Large Number Of College-Age Americans Who Enroll In College Experts see strong [...]

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