Investing in Apartment Buildings and Complexes

So you are becoming savvy about investing your hard-earned money and are looking at placing it in real estate as a venture capitalist. Your particular interest is apartment complexes and buildings but you don’t know all the details. Well, this blog is a guide that should help answer some of the basic questions about investing in apartments.

It goes without saying that this is an exceptionally large investment and commitment from several perspectives, including financial and personal. The buyer of the apartment complex tends to also have a hand in its day-to-day operations, which can be time-consuming, if not an altogether career choice. If you have invested in multi-home properties and now move to apartment complexes, it will quickly become obvious that this requires more time and physical involvement.

The advantages can be big. The accumulation of rent from the large number of tenants makes it easier to pay down on the mortgage of the property. If you’re careful, you can develop an expansive portfolio of assets. Too, leveraging has hardly been better. The cost of capital is not as high as it has been and lenders now offer a wide assortment of loan products that make the prospect of owning an apartment complex more alluring. Then, of course, there is the option of paying down on the principal once you have locked in a loan that will likely be a long-term debt.

There are other obvious advantages to purchasing an apartment complex as well. Cash flow is a component of the apartment building scenario. If you invest your money in stocks, there is little possibility of cash flow unless the stock pays dividends. Owning an apartment complex will provide a steady stream of income and many experts believe it is a more stable place to put your money than stocks. The reason for this is that an apartment complex is a tangible asset. In most cases, its value will also never drop to zero which is another plus for this type of investment.

If you are interested in finding out more about real estate venture capitalism and apartments complex ownership, the experts at GSX Ventures are available to educate you!

Millennials and How they Affect Housing Trends

Who are the millennials? They are the people born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s. This generation is also referred to as Generation Y. Millennials have had a very different experience in life than any prior generation. Immersed in technology, many are very well-to-do, better educated than their parents, more savvy about money and work-life balance, and are more selective about housing.

Millennials are shaping the housing market in many ways. For example, research confirms that 20% of all millennials changed their housing between 2016 and 2017. This had a huge impact on real estate trends. Here’s what you need to know if you are looking to invest in housing that appeals to Generation Y.

• First, they don’t make hasty decisions about their housing. Millennials cut their teeth on the internet making them better able to command and manipulate information than previous generations. They do their homework before investing or making a financial commitment (particularly one as substantial as housing) whether it be rental property or ownership.
• Interestingly, there are many millennials (as many as one-third according to some estimates) that still live with their parents! Another factor that comes into play is the fact that many millennials also carry large student debt so they are concerned about affordability.
• A third housing trend for millennials is they tend to prefer living in historic districts versus the McMansions of their parents! But, even though the historic housing may be stately and older, this generation wants lots of amenities in the form of outdoor dining facilities or rooftop lounges. The housing should also have up-to-date features like free wi-fi and smart home appliances.

If you are considering stepping into the housing market with an investment or are interesting in purchasing or updating a multi-residential property, it is best to know your audience in advance. The market for providing housing to millennials is lucrative and wide-open so jump in while the investing is hot!

To learn more about real estate investing, contact the experts at GSX Ventures.

Basic Qualities of a Civil Engineer

Commercial real estate is a booming market in 2019. Everywhere you go projects are popping up left and right, especially when you pass through a college town. One of the most common structures being erected in college towns are off-campus student living facilities. At GSX Ventures we build a number of these facilities. There is a lot of work that goes into building a new housing facility for students. It is not as simple as finding a plot of land, drawing up a blueprint, and getting construction underway. These are extremely expensive projects to get started and if the proper ground work is not done at the beginning of the process, a lot of money can be wasted, if you even get the project completed.

Civil engineers are experts in overseeing the details involved in developing a project. They must be aware of the problems that could arise before getting started on a project, and how much these problems could cost. By hiring a skilled civil engineer to oversee the plan from the ground up, it can give companies like GSX Ventures an accurate idea of what it will cost to perform a project from conception to completion, and help eliminate unforeseen costs and obstacles. By being fully aware and educated about the cost of a new student housing facility, it allows GSX Ventures to know exactly how much money they have for luxuries and amenities to ensure that the facility lives up to GSX Ventures high standards.

There are some simple guidelines that must be taken into account when looking for a civil engineer. First, the candidate should have a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited four-year college in Civil Engineering, as well as their Professional Engineer’s License. It is important that the engineer has worked on a number of projects of similar size and scale in the same locale. This provides hands-on experience and knowledge of projects of the same scope and area of the job they are being brought onto, thus affording them the ability to expedite the process effectively and efficiently. They need to have a thorough knowledge of all characteristics of the job and the site that they will be working on. These are just the basic requirements that must be met by any civil engineer that is being considering for a job with GSX Ventures. For more information, please visit

Can an Architect be a Good Developer?

On any given project, the architects generally only have their hands in the design part of the process. The role of the architect carries great responsibility, but because they are not the developers, contractors or subcontractors, the architect’s financial portion of the total project is generally very small. The financial compensation, or lack thereof, and the frustration of not having complete control over a development deal are two of the major reasons why many architects are getting more and more involved in the entire process.

GSX Ventures hires the best architects and developers available for all of their projects, and sometimes these roles can be one and the same. One of the things architects have going for them is that they have thorough knowledge about the process of designing and constructing buildings. With this knowledge comes the necessary experience that a developer needs to manage a project from construction to acquiring the necessary permits. Most architects have enough general and varied knowledge to make sure that a project is finished correctly, on schedule, and on budget. Another benefit that architects have is that all of their design and construction knowledge can often be converted into an increased market value for a project. Simply put, a building that is well-designed and well-built is going to be a more valuable property than one that has design and construction flaws.

Conversely, there are some skills that the average architect lacks that all good developers should have. Putting too much emphasis on the design aspect of a job, and not enough on the business side of things can be detrimental to the success of a project. It is very easy for someone to get laser focused on the aspects of a job that they are overly knowledgeable about, while letting other points fall to the wayside. A good developer also needs to have a full knowledge of real estate trends, and when is a good time to buy, sell, and develop a property. These skills are not taught when someone is trained as an architect.

Knowledge of all aspects of the construction process is essential for any good developer. Some architects can be great developers, while others may be lacking in certain areas. Regardless, when developing a project the professionals at GSX Ventures make sure to employ the best available, whether that be separate architects and developers or someone who excels at doing the entire job. For more information regarding GSX Ventures upcoming projects, please visit

The Next Decision

One of the greatest moments in the life of a student is when they get accepted to college. At that moment you come to the realization that all of your hard work has paid off, and you are elated; especially if you get accepted to the school of your choice. As the last steps of your life as a high school student are being completed, you have now taken your first step toward the life of being a college student. There are so many decisions to make now, and they should not be made is haste or taken lightly. One of the biggest decisions is where are you going to live? Should you live on campus in the dorm or should you look at other options. One of the largest growing trends is the option of off campus student housing. There are a number of complexes that are built close to campus and designed specifically for student life. GSX Ventures is one of the leading developers in off campus student living.

Should you choose to live in off campus student housing, the next decision to make regards your roommate situation. One of the best things about off campus student housing is that you have the option to rent the entire apartment or just a room. Most apartments provide roommate matching guides should you not have a roommate selected and you choose to just rent a room in a multi-room apartment. It is important to fill these documents out accurately so you can be matched with someone who will best fit your personality and lifestyle.

Many of your off campus living options will be located close to campus. GSX Ventures develops the majority of their buildings within walking distance to campus. This is important because it helps to keep the college lifestyle intact. You are not so far away from campus that you feel detached, but you are not so close that you feel like you can never get away.

GSX Ventures developments are top of the line and filled with all the amenities any student could ever ask for. By doing their research and keeping their finger on the pulse of the growing trends in technology and the Generation Y lifestyle, GSX Ventures have developed off campus student housing options that will appeal to students of all different mindsets. Complete with study areas for the student who needs the serene environment away from where they sleep, all the way to the common areas where students can gather and socialize. When looking for student housing, make sure to look at the options provided by GSX Ventures if you want the best off campus experience. For more information about their locations and amenities, visit

Becoming an Adult While Being a Student

They said that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. TEACH a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. I feel like this is a perfect metaphor to describe the benefits of living in off-campus student housing compared to living in a dorm. When living in an overpopulated dorm, your meals are provided for you, there is a resident assistant who’s there to make you follow all the rules, and wash behind your ears. It is simply a glorified version of living at home with mom and dad. When you live in off-campus student housing, you get the best of both worlds. You are trained for an independent lifestyle full of responsibilities, but you get to receive these life lessons while being surrounded by other students who have similar goals who are learning alongside you.

GSX Ventures have been building student housing for nearly twenty years in all shapes and sizes. From dorm-like, thousand bed facilities to near-luxury apartments designed for the millennial student. The properties are close to campus and all geared directly toward the student lifestyle. By living in off-campus student housing like those built by GSX Ventures, you get all the benefits of living on campus, combined with the benefits of living off-campus. In the dorms, the students must follow the dorm rules, and while there are punishments for breaking the rules, they will not slow those who are intent on breaking them. Off-campus, you have to learn to live by your rules and values, and when you choose not to do so, the repercussions are just like those of real life. If you don’t pay your light bill, the lights get turned off. You are forced to learn the little things that play a large role in life as an independent adult. If you choose not to do your dishes, and your apartment smells like old food, you are not going to have many friends.

GSX Ventures takes time and care to provide students with an off-campus option that is in the heart of student life. They are within walking distance to campus, and all the outside businesses that surround the University. GSX Ventures provides top-of-the-line student housing with all the amenities that anyone can ask for while giving students the opportunity to learn about life outside the University.

Home Away From Class

I’ve lived in a lot of different places around the country. When I was in college at Florida State, I got my first true taste of independence. I lived in the dorms my first year of college. That honestly was not much different than living with my parents. There was a Resident Assistant who was watching our every move and even monitored the volume of our music and shenanigans. Living with another person that I had never met in a very small room was not exactly ideal either.

The next year I moved into an off campus apartment that was all student housing, and this was one of the best college living experiences. It was all students, so I was surrounded by like-minded people with the same goal of finishing school. There was no one looking over my shoulder this time. I was able to do what I wanted, when I wanted to, but I still had responsibilities I had to take care of. I recommend off campus student housing to anyone who will listen.

One of the things that GSX Ventures specializes in is luxury student housing. The Star View Plaza is a beautiful facility that is within walking distance from the University of Maryland. In addition to beautiful living quarters, it offers yoga facilities, a lounge, café, and study areas. It is the perfect place for a student to start the transition into the real world while going to school. Located right in the middle of College Park, the student without wheels can walk to anything they need. It is surrounded by dozens of restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, and retail shops.

GSX Ventures has dozens of student housing facilities all located within walking distance of Brown University in Rhode Island, Virginia Commonwealth University, and SUNY Albany, just to name a few. All of these buildings offer the same state of the art student facilities with everything you could ask for, and some things you wouldn’t think to ask for, like tanning facilities. But while providing all these amenities, what these properties truly offer is the freedom and accessibility that is needed for the true maturing process to begin.

GSX Ventures has been leading change in the development of student housing. Since 1988 we have developed numerous projects across the country to provide outstanding facilities for students.

A Home For Grandma

The eventuality of life is that we and the ones that we love will all get old someday. Doc Brown is not going to show up in his DeLorean and whisk us back to 1955. If he were to show up, I think he’d be driving something more along the lines of a Tesla, but that’s beside the point. It is a simple fact of life that we age, and sometimes we have to move the ones we love into a senior living facility. GSX Ventures has built facilities in Maryland and Massachusetts where the experience is like going on vacation for the rest of your life.

Sage Life at Bay Village in Hudson, Massachusetts is the future of independent and assisted senior living. It will have 61 independent living rooms, and 86 assisted living rooms, all complete with the health care and memory care that your beloved family members require. Whether they need to downsize from their current home to something more appropriate, or if they have reached the point where they require round the clock assistance, Sage Life at Bay Village is going to be the clear choice.

GSX Ventures is committed to a level of excellence that is second to none, and Sage Life will exceed those standards that have been set by their facilities, like Spring Arbor in Severna Park, Maryland, which offers physical therapy, fitness centers, libraries, barber shops and beauty parlors. There are always several cafés and a beautiful courtyard with outdoor seating.

What sets GSX Venture’s assisted living projects apart from others is that all of the facilities they have built include extensive mental and memory health units. GSX Ventures knows the importance of designing senior living facilities that have all the necessary amenities necessary for the senior who is living an independent lifestyle all the way to the patients suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. No matter what level of care may be needed, GSX Ventures has designed properties that accommodate those needs.

GSX Ventures has been leading change in the development of senior housing. Since 1988 we have developed numerous projects across the country, partnering with local or regional management companies to ensure the project is leased and managed to provide positive service for residents.