Becoming an Adult While Being a Student

They said that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. TEACH a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. I feel like this is a perfect metaphor to describe the benefits of living in off-campus student housing compared to living in a dorm. When living in an overpopulated dorm, your meals are provided for you, there is a resident assistant who’s there to make you follow all the rules, and wash behind your ears. It is simply a glorified version of living at home with mom and dad. When you live in off-campus student housing, you get the best of both worlds. You are trained for an independent lifestyle full of responsibilities, but you get to receive these life lessons while being surrounded by other students who have similar goals who are learning alongside you.

GSX Ventures have been building student housing for nearly twenty years in all shapes and sizes. From dorm-like, thousand bed facilities to near-luxury apartments designed for the millennial student. The properties are close to campus and all geared directly toward the student lifestyle. By living in off-campus student housing like those built by GSX Ventures, you get all the benefits of living on campus, combined with the benefits of living off-campus. In the dorms, the students must follow the dorm rules, and while there are punishments for breaking the rules, they will not slow those who are intent on breaking them. Off-campus, you have to learn to live by your rules and values, and when you choose not to do so, the repercussions are just like those of real life. If you don’t pay your light bill, the lights get turned off. You are forced to learn the little things that play a large role in life as an independent adult. If you choose not to do your dishes, and your apartment smells like old food, you are not going to have many friends.

GSX Ventures takes time and care to provide students with an off-campus option that is in the heart of student life. They are within walking distance to campus, and all the outside businesses that surround the University. GSX Ventures provides top-of-the-line student housing with all the amenities that anyone can ask for while giving students the opportunity to learn about life outside the University.