Spend Your VC Funding Wisely

When you finally receive the influx of money you hoped for, what you do next can either make or break your company. How will you invest in your business: human capital, [...]

Determining Product-Market Fit

When searching for serious capital investments, it’s important to understand whether a) the product fills a need, and b) if there is a market demand for the product. The best product, [...]

Selecting the Right Property Management Company

Real estate is a good long-term investment. Selecting the right property management company is key to maintaining the value of your property and retaining tenants. In addition to the physical property [...]

Investing for the Greater Good

In 1969, John D. Rockefeller III defined venture philanthropy as, “An adventurous approach to funding unpopular social causes.” The concept of venture philanthropy has been around a long time and its [...]

Student Housing: Mixed-use Spaces

For the last ten years, universities have been changing the way they think about student housing. More colleges are revamping the traditional student dorm into new structures that combine live and [...]

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