Over the years, GSX Ventures has developed quite a few prototypical multifamily projects. These range from Townhouses to intentional communities to large apartment complexes with integrated community centers and activity centers for residents. The change in the culture of America has created a larger marketplace for state of the art apartment facilities. The need of the younger generation to be flexible in their living accommodations to be at the place where their job may be in most demand has led to a lot of people not acquiring their own homes until later in life. This creates great opportunities for multifamily housing that addresses the needs of younger professionals. We are currently focusing on micro units in urban areas that allow young professionals to not only live affordably but also to have units that are completely furnished and in close proximity to a lifestyle that includes prepared foods and entertainment and allows them to move from city to city without having to pack a moving van and the expense of re purchasing furniture. We believe that this trend among young people will continue and be more prevalent in the future. We are also tracking the trend among Seniors to downsize from their homes and look at apartments as a viable residential location for the empty nesting period of their lives, in fact in some cases having two apartments, one in the area that they lived and had their children, and another in a more resort location to vacation during the winter.

We also have explored the boundaries of intentional communities that address special populations including residents on the spectrum of Autism with some nonprofits. We are interested in analyzing the marketplace and responding to the needs of the market that are unserved and finding opportunities to create high value communities that become great investments for our capital partners.

Multi-Family Architect Annapolis MD
Multi-Family Architect Annapolis MD

Aspen Heights Amherst

$30,000,000 Aspen Heights Amherst is a 162,000 square foot Multi-Family Apartment complex located in Amherst Massachusetts. The building was designed by Grant Architects and developed by Aspen Height Partners and GSX Ventures. The project [...]


1211 Western Avenue

$35,000,000 1211 Western Avenue is a 182,000 square foot Multi-Family Apartment complex located in Albany New York. The building is being designed and developed by Grant Architects and GSX Ventures. The project is currently [...]


Jeremiah Village

Jeremiah Village is a market rate rental apartment and cottage complex containing 144 rental apartments and 64 rental cottages to be constructed on a 10.3 acre parcel in Zelienople, Pa. This parcel was created by [...]


Glade Run

Glade Run Lutheran Services is located on a 52 acre campus site adjacent to the planned Jeremiah Village. The project is designed to include a Residential Treatment Facility in addition to an equestrian/horticulture program [...]