Project Description

The site for the Thayer Street project is immediately adjacent to Brown University’s book store, and bridges the gap between the commercial properties on Thayer, collection of restaurants, bars, and other student support establishments for Brown University and the residential community that abuts Woodland Avenue on the opposite side of the block.  This project encompasses a full 9/10 of the properties that exist on this important urban block in the university district adjacent to Brown University.  The design of the project had to be within strict guidelines for height, design vocabulary, and access points.

GSX Ventures undertook the challenge of meeting the developer’s requirements: at least 350 beds, a clubhouse, a parking garage to accommodate 150 cars, and a commercial storefront on Thayer Street. After gathering a great deal of community input, a compromise was made that worked for both Gilbane Development and the surrounding community.  Most of the units in this project are 3 bed/ 3 bath apartments which carefully knit into a building that surrounds a central outdoor courtyard, a full clubhouse with café, recreation space, and a fitness center that are important to the project.  The outdoor courtyard enjoys a small fountain, barbeque grilling area, and a fire pit which can come in handy for those New England winters.  The project is set to start construction in May of 2013 and to be complete in July 2014.  It will provide Brown University with much needed state-of-the-art student departments for its growing enrollment.