Real estate has long been a solid investment for venture capital firms, but changes in lifestyle trends have opened a whole new opportunity for growth and development. Many of these changes are being driven by Millenials, who are more focused on experiences such as global travel, than on acquiring material things. Advances in digital technology and the ability to work from anywhere, which appeals to young adults who are not ready to settle down, has resulted in more temporary or short-term lease housing

During the last decade, as the family size per household has decreased, the trend toward renting has been on the increase. The average household is made up of three people and often includes individuals who move in and out, such as teens going to college and or young adults kicking off their careers. Single person households are also on the rise with many working professionals seeking to rent rather than own. Many rental properties are beginning to offer sought-after amenities such as housekeeping, errand running, and pet care to boost occupancy rates. These services give busy professionals in single person households more time, a luxury always in demand.

Another trend that is growing in popularity is shared or group housing. The concept of shared housing is not a new one. For years multigenerational families lived under the same roof and shared the responsibilities of caring for all family members, not just the more traditional, nuclear family. It was not uncommon for a family consisting of parents and children to have grandparents or aunts and uncles sharing their home.

These lifestyle changes are providing venture capital firms with an ever-expanding field of companies seeking to take advantage of these trends. Many VC firms see these housing trends as being in the nascent stages, making it very desirable to invest now.

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