For the last ten years, universities have been changing the way they think about student housing. More colleges are revamping the traditional student dorm into new structures that combine live and learn space in the same building. Today’s Generation Z students are driving the change. They are accustomed to having their own rooms, technology-based lifestyles, and are concerned about sustainability. Here are a few of the top considerations that attract the new generation of students. 

1. Privacy:

Generation Z students expect their own bedrooms, and the idea of sharing private space is uncomfortable to many. New residential housing is set up like a modified hotel suite with bedrooms for two students, a living room, and a kitchen.

2. WiFi and Connectivity:

Incoming students expect the conveniences to support all their devices. Dependable WiFi is essential as is the need for more electrical outlets. The ability to connect with academic and social communities online and on mobile devices is non-negotiable for good student experience.

3. Sustainability:

Florescent lights are not part of the interior décor in today’s student housing. Generation Z has grown up hearing about the importance of sustainable living. Universities are designing for these environmentally-savvy students.

4. Amenities:

In addition to ubiquitous wifi connectivity, among the sought-after conveniences are on-site laundry facilities, work out rooms, common study and leisure areas, and outdoor pools. Some universities include Starbucks-style coffee houses as well.

5.  Common Interests:

Another consideration when creating live and learn communities is the opportunity for students with the same academic goals and interests to live together. In the same way fraternities and sororities bring students together, some new student housing focuses on populations interested in engineering, science, or technology.

Creating a more comfortable and familiar lifestyle isn’t the only consideration driving changes in student housing. Research finds students who can combine living and learning spaces do better academically as well. Universities take the demands of its new class of students seriously and are making changes to improve student experiences, increase student enrollment and retention.

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