Shifting Housing Trends Appeal To Venture Capital Firms

Real estate has long been a solid investment for venture capital firms, but changes in lifestyle trends have opened a whole new opportunity for growth and development. Many of these changes are being driven by Millenials, who are more focused on experiences such as global travel, than on acquiring material things. Advances in digital technology [...]

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Artificial Intelligence’s Benefits to Venture Capital Firms

Advances in  have found an application in the decision-making process of venture capital firms. VC firms look through thousands of startup proposals every year, and only a small percentage of the proposals reviewed get the green light. AI can help venture capital firms improve their analysis of these startups, and makes it easier for firms [...]

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Understanding the Basics of Venture Capital

Venture capital (VC) firms can be the only option for some start-ups and small businesses, especially those that are high-risk in nature. There are two funding options for businesses to consider, the first is what most of us think of as a traditional loan. A bank, or other lending institution, gives the business money, which [...]

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