The Next Decision

One of the greatest moments in the life of a student is when they get accepted to college. At that moment you come to the realization that all of your hard work has paid off, and you are elated; especially if you get accepted to the school of your choice. As the last steps of your life as a high school student are being completed, you have now taken your first step toward the life of being a college student. There are so many decisions to make now, and they should not be made is haste or taken lightly. One of the biggest decisions is where are you going to live? Should you live on campus in the dorm or should you look at other options. One of the largest growing trends is the option of off campus student housing. There are a number of complexes that are built close to campus and designed specifically for student life. GSX Ventures is one of the leading developers in off campus student living.

Should you choose to live in off campus student housing, the next decision to make regards your roommate situation. One of the best things about off campus student housing is that you have the option to rent the entire apartment or just a room. Most apartments provide roommate matching guides should you not have a roommate selected and you choose to just rent a room in a multi-room apartment. It is important to fill these documents out accurately so you can be matched with someone who will best fit your personality and lifestyle.

Many of your off campus living options will be located close to campus. GSX Ventures develops the majority of their buildings within walking distance to campus. This is important because it helps to keep the college lifestyle intact. You are not so far away from campus that you feel detached, but you are not so close that you feel like you can never get away.

GSX Ventures developments are top of the line and filled with all the amenities any student could ever ask for. By doing their research and keeping their finger on the pulse of the growing trends in technology and the Generation Y lifestyle, GSX Ventures have developed off campus student housing options that will appeal to students of all different mindsets. Complete with study areas for the student who needs the serene environment away from where they sleep, all the way to the common areas where students can gather and socialize. When looking for student housing, make sure to look at the options provided by GSX Ventures if you want the best off campus experience. For more information about their locations and amenities, visit